Tarryne West

consciously Cultivating a meaningful and fulfilling life

In early 2008 I experienced what at the time seemed like a miracle. After nearly 9 years of suffering serious depression, anxiety and suicidal leanings and spending 2 years of that time unable to even leave my own house, I suddenly recovered.

This wasn’t a miracle of medicine or therapy though I had been treated with both and elected to eventually stop treatment. For my personal journey, neither was effective and in some ways worsened my health.

The change happened almost overnight. I vividly remember one night locking myself in the bathroom and crying near hysterically for hours, believing that this was the end of my life.

This misery was all there would ever be for me and that I would die that night.

 A couple days later I responded to an audition call I had seen in the newspaper for a play at a local theater. I auditioned and got the role. I went from a sick, scared and defeated shell of myself who was housebound, to being on stage in front of a live audience staring in a theater production in a matter weeks.

The magic that created this incredible and sudden transformation seems very simple in hindsight but also hard to explain simply. I spent the next 10 years studying, exploring, coaching and sharing what created that change for me and while I cannot say that it is a cure for any mental illness, I certainly believe that it is a fundamental missing piece to how we approach our health, happiness and well being.

The miracle for me was this…

I am not my brain and I get to choose who I am.

These days I could not be a more different person to what I was when I sat at home believing my life was over before it even began. I have traveled widely, lived in three different countries, had more than one successful career, studied, run my own business, married, made amazing connections with incredible friends… and most importantly for me, coached others to find their way to a deliberate, consciously cultivated life.

I hope you find something of value in my own journey and that my experience can in some way support you to finding your own health and happiness. And remember, nothing in life is fixed. There is always a chance to change.