I'm Tarryne, and I want you to know that it's OK to want more from your life!

My mission with Change One Woman is to help women get more out of their lives, without continuing the exhausting struggle that it seems to create.

Wanting a better life and wanting to become a better version of you is natural. Hell its even essential! To grow is a basic human need.


But doing it out of fear, or doing it simply because you're constantly told thats how it has to be, is not only self destructive but also results in women being tired, resentful, unhappy and STILL unfulfilled.

There is a better way.  Instead of fighting with yourself and being constantly at war, try something a little more gentle and elegant.


Self knowledge, self respect and joyful self creation.


I believe that women are the key to changing society, we are like the water that turns the wheel. Each woman that creates positive change in her own life continues the circle and creates huge positive influence and change for those around her.


So I'm not here to tell you what you should do because only YOU should be allowed to decide what you want your life to look like. But what I am here to do is help you;


- Figure out whats keeping you trapped and frustrated.

- Unravel the influence of "rules", people and situations that aren't working for you.

- Find ways to make your personal transformation a more empowering process.

- Create your own UNIQUE vision for where you want to take your life.

- Stay on that path and support you the whole way through.