When things get tough, keep going.

This week, the universe told me twice to suck it up and keep going. Well, it’s not like it emailed me! But, the theme was pretty obvious: You have to stick with it when it gets tough.

It was one of those weeks where nothing seemed to go right, and everything seemed like it was just hard work and a struggle. It’s been a tough busy week where I’ve started to feel like I’m running out of steam.Thankfully, the messages have been clear.

On Tuesday morning I went to an early yoga class with a friend where at some point the instructor said (in her very gentle yoga guru type voice)

“It’s when it gets hard, and you want to come out of the pose, that the REAL practice begins”

I was so struck by what she said that I actually rested for a moment and let it sink in. It seemed so simple but incredibly valuable! Being good at something, keeping your life balanced, dealing with everyday stress… all of these things are easy when it’s within your current capability. It’s when it gets hard and you want to walk away, THAT is when you have to use what you’ve learned to keep your mindset, you emotions and you actions on the right path for your goals.

The second time was funny enough also while doing something physical. At my normal training session with the girls on Friday morning, our adorable personal trainer laughed when complaints about how hard the session was started coming up. He told us;

“It never gets easier, you just get better”

Sucks to hear it, but the only way that you keep improving is if you keep pushing yourself. Sure, we could have gone back to a training session that we did 6 weeks ago and it would have been easier for us, but that would have achieved nothing.

So, if things seem really tough for you at the moment, and you feel like you’re struggling…

Congratulations, you’re fighting your way through and getting better every step of the way. Just keep going.

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