Stop trying to label yourself. You are not a cookie jar.

You know those little tests that say "describe yourself in three words" "What one word would your friends use to describe you.....?"

Those things SUCK! Everyone secretly hates them but can never really articulate why, or why it's so hard to decide on those three words. Well, I hate them too...


Every single day in thousands of tiny ways we are asked to label ourselves. To put ourselves in a demographic and define who we are by someone else's standards.

It has to stop! There is nothing to be gained from forcing yourself to fit into a bunch of little boxes that then somehow tell you who you are.  Just because you're creative, doesn't mean you can't be organized too. If you adore dogs, why can't you enjoy the company of cats too?  If you like dramatic makeup, why shouldn't you be allowed to enjoy going bare faced as well?

Seriously though, generalizations just kill me. We're people, not demographics!

This whole "pick a side" thing that means you have to be one thing or another, very specific, and follow all the "rules" of what being that thing means is also crazy. Why do you have to shove yourself into a box?

Have you ever considered that maybe the fact that you're interested in so many things is actually GREAT?! That it shows curiosity, an intrepid and explorational spirit?

The fact that you still can't figure out what you're going to do when you grow up... at 35, is because you are capable of so much that settling for just one thing seems well, like settling.  Sticking ourselves in specific little boxes based on stuff we do is something that serves only one purpose, to make you easier to sell to.  Labels are for other people.

You are so much more than a bunch of labels.

YOU are not a machine with a single purpose in life. You are human! With a wild spirit, a poetic soul and a desire to LIVE. Don't squash yourself by putting labels on and narrowing down who you're allowed to be.