The simplest tool to become consistent with your healthy habits

Whenever we start a new eating plan or start to work on our fitness we always have that initial burst of commitment and excitement and then we slowly seems to slide back into old habits and before we know it, we are back where we started.

And worse still, there's always that little voice in our head blaming our lack of willpower or questioning whether or not we can even get to our goal at all.

But what if it has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with what you're thinking when you start to struggle?

Starting to doubt yourself or getting overwhelmed when making lifestyle changes is incredibly common and is the most common reason why people give up. It's also the number 1 thing I tackle when working with a new client because it's actually surprisingly easy to change.

You just have to change what you're paying attention to.

Often when people are starting their plan I get asked things like "What am I going to do when I go on vacation in a few months time?!" or "I can't start now because I have a cruise/baby shower/birthday coming up next month!!"

And I generally tell them.. "so what".

You cant put your life and your health on hold for something that's going to happen in the future. when we think that way its all too easy to just put the healthy choices we could be making on the back burner and delay doing anything at all until we get to the point where we are in a worse situation than we are in now.

Start right now. This moment. And ONLY focus on this moment. Don't worry about this weekend or your cousin's graduation party that's a month away. Forget about the half a box of Oreos you ate without thinking in front of the TV last night. Neither of those things are here today, let them go. Bring your focus and your attention to right now.

What can you do right now that will be a positive step towards better health?

What are you willing and able to do today to prioritize feeling good?

What can you adjust in your next meal to help give you more energy and reduce bloating?

It's really that simple. If you always just focus on what you're doing in this moment, today, you get better at making good choices in more moments and before you know it, your goal will be in reach and your healthier lifestyle will have become automatic.