Eat green things.

Something I've heard more times than I can count since moving to the USA is "Well I just don't eat vegetables".

It seems to be a something people believe is worth bragging about. Cute and funny somehow. Well, it' really not, it's part of what's killing this country, but it's also not surprising.

Firstly it's a cultural issue. Food in the USA is often highly processed which means that from an early age Americans taste buds (and brains) are taught to focus on a VERY limited range of flavors. So while you might be loving your pop tarts and curly fries, you're also missing out on a huge range of taste experiences that your brain is essentially programmed to reject.

Secondly, the quality of fruit and vegetables in the average grocery store (and even at most average restaurants) is terrible. It HAS no flavor. I wouldn't eat it either!  And don't get me started on this mad believe that iceberg lettuce is a food. It's not. It's watery cardboard. You deserve better quality salads people!

But the "I don't eat greens" thing has to stop. It's quite literally killing you.

While it may not be the most obvious advice on a blog dedicated to mental and emotional health. “Eat green things” is probably one of the most life-changing pieces of wisdom I ever got.  Turning my attention to what I ate was one of the first big steps towards “recovery” from my anxiety and depression, and over the last few years, I’ve done a great deal of research and exploration on the link between good nutrition and good mental health.  I also learned that it has to be easy. I can’t be bothered spending ages in the kitchen or worry about food, so it needs to be simple and easy for me to add vegetables into the mix.

Whether it's adding a green smoothie or green powder (one of my favorite) to your routine, or making the effort to experiment with new vegetables or salads (no corn is not a vegetable) it doesn’t have to be a torturous affair as so many people think. And once you start limiting things like soda which kill your ability to appreciate different tastes, you'll find there’s always something tasty to be found.

Keep in simple and add green things into your day. Your body and mind will thank you!



HealthTarryne West