I’m all about coaching without the fluff.
Let’s just get down to what’s really going to make a difference.

I know About Me pages are supposed to be, well, about me, but let's be honest, What you really want to know is "Can this woman actually do anything to help me?"  So in order for us to get to know each other a little better, here are just the highlights...


- I have over 7 years experience as a professional coach and I love what I do.

- I have a fancy piece of paper from an actual university that says I know how to coach people.

- I like mojitos.  A lot.

- I believe that good nutrition is the most important step you can take towards good mental and physical health. Its the foundation of a happy and successful life.

- I suffered from severe depression for 8 years, nearly died because of it, and felt betrayed by traditional treatments like antidepressants and therapy that didn't help me at all.

- Coaching works.

- I have two rescued dogs who I adore. They are both utterly dumb but incredibly cute.

- I almost became a psychologist but didn't (thank God I got out in time) because I hated the concept that people who didn't fit a certain mold were "broken".

- I'm here to coach you to your big light bulb moments, your realization that you're amazing and can do so much more with your life and talents than you are now, and most importantly to have joy in finding YOUR own thing.

If you want to know more you can read some of my story HERE but the bottom line is this...

Getting to be in the front seat watching as life changing moments happen is why I do what I do. I want to be there to help your life explode with potential and happiness. Whatever that looks like for you.  but first, we have work to do. So let's cut through the nonsense and get to the business of picking apart whatever is making you feel stuck and icky, and get your life on track.